Ales Stenar/ Skåne- Sweden

Ales stenar, the swedish Stonehenge, is a famous monument formed by large stones in the shape of a ship. This mysterious sight is located only a few kilometers next to the famous city of Ystad in the beautiful region of Skåne. Click here to see where it is!

Zurich- Switzerland

A daytrip to Zurich: The pictures show the spectacular foggy view from the Uetliberg and the famous lake Zurich. A great city, with various things to see! Click here to see where the Uetliberg is!

George Town- Malaysia

George Town, the multicultural capital of Penang is a UNESCO world heritage site. Between tradition and modernity, the city forms a colorful combination of different religions and architectural styles. Click here to see where George Town is!

Wat Pho – Thailand

Wat Pho is a Buddhist temple complex in Bangkok and part of the first class royal temples in Thailand. Walking around in this stunning complex, you can visit different temples and see the famous 46 m long Reclining Buddha. Click here to see where Wat Pho is located!